Davy Jones

Idealistic Seeker Of Neoteric Sounds

Richmond, VA

February, 2016 – Present


Davy Jones is a freelance music writer, musician, and father of two. He’s interviewed many of the artists who have contributed to the remarkable rise of Richmond’s music scene, as well as touring acts coming through town. He is unable to pass by thrift stores and merch tables without flipping through their records.

Curated Issues:

Issue #3: Golden Rules For Golden People by Pretty & Nice

Issue #29: Magazine by Jump, Little Children

Issue #38: I Love You, Go Easy by Devon Sproule

Issue #46: Secret Santa

Issue #56: Gold Shadow by Asaf Avidan

Issue #68: Apparat Organ Quartet by Apparat Organ Quartet

Issue #88: Specialist In All Styles by Orchestra Baobab

Issue #95: Guilty Pleasures

Issue #106: Bola Sete At The Monterey Jazz Festival by Bola Sete

Issue #116: Far Cries And Close Calls by John Calvin Abney

Issue #138: Arclight by Julian Lage

Issue #143: Mixtapes

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