James Anderson

Devoted Docent Of Musical Concepts

Leesburg, VA

February, 2016 – December, 2018


James was born in Colorado and gradually made his way East, winding up in Northern Virginia. He grew up listening to many different kinds of music, though punk, pop-punk, and ska-punk drew a lot of his attention. Also Alternative Music. And rap/hip-hop was always a budding interest. Look, he wanted to be a sponge. To soak it all in.

In 2007, he started listening and contributing to the Contrast Podcast and found himself in the company of Real Life Music Bloggers. By the end of 2007, he had a Real Life Music Blog of his own, Appetite For Distraction. When the Contrast Podcast went on hiatus in 2010, he started his own podcast: The Appetite For Distraction Alternative Top Ten Countdown, which counts down the Top Ten from Billboard’s Alternative Songs chart. In 2016, he started writing for OYR and he also started publishing a second podcast with his best friend Erin called Unabashedly Obsessed. It has been very enriching to have found so many ways to express himself creatively.

James remains a musical sponge and is constantly super stoked about the albums he gets to listen to as part of writing for this publication.

Curated Issues:

Issue #7: Into The Sun by John Lennon

Issue #16: No Kings by Doomtree 

Issue #46: Secret Santa

Issue #47: Sha Sha by Ben Kweller

Issue #63: Good Luck Studio by Friday Mile

Issue #77: GNV FLA by Less Than Jake

Issue #87: Distant Relatives by Nas & Damian Marley

Issue #95: Guilty Pleasures

Issue #99: Bad Veins by Bad Veins

Issue #121: Progress by RX Bandits

Issue #139: Danse Macabre by The Faint

Issue #143: Mixtapes

Issue #189: Decade Reflections

E-Mail: janderson716[a]gmail[dot]com

Twitter: @unabashedjames