Chelsea Kostrey

Retrophile & Festival Enthusiast

London, UK

October, 2017 – Present


There’s always music playing in my head, regardless if I’m wearing my headphones or not.

Relatively new to this, but I’ve written a few things here and there during my time in London. You’d be hard pressed to find something I love more than music. I’d live at festivals if I could. I was born in the wrong era and the wrong country, but I can change one of those things. By next year, you will be finding me in England once more!

Curated Issues:

Issue #95: Guilty Pleasures

Issue #108: These Semi Feelings, They Are Everywhere by dné

Issue #126: Our Generation by Tokio Myers

Issue #143: Mixtapes

Issue #145: We’ll Be Gone By Then by Crozet

Issue #157: A Divorce Before Marriage by I Like Trains

Issue #189: Decade Reflections

Issue #193: Pacific Northwest Bound by Mike McKenna Jr

E-Mail: ckostrey[a]gmail[dot]com

Twitter: @chelseakostrey