Jeremy Shatan

Prescient & Appreciative Musical Omnivore

New York, NY

February, 2016 – Present


Jeremy Shatan is a lifelong music obsessive, diving deep into the best of all genres. When he’s not listening to music, writing about music, or seeing live music, he is also a proud parent of three, loving husband of one, and a die-hard skier. This native New Yorker’s misspent youth includes founding The Young Aborigines and shooting the cover of Paul’s Boutique. Keep up with his thoughts on music on the blog and all social platforms.

Curated Issues:

Issue #14: Holly Miranda by Holly Miranda

Issue #21: Slow Train Coming by Bob Dylan

Issue #36: Bolan’s Zip Gun by T. Rex

Issue #46: Secret Santa

Issue #64: Semigoddess by Novelty Daughter

Issue #74: Rockin’ Chair by Gwen McCrae

Issue #84: We Fucked A Flame Into Being by Warhaus

Issue #95: Guilty Pleasures

Issue #104: Kool Roots by Earth & Stone

Issue #115: Tiptoe Past The Dragon by Marlin Greene

Issue #135: Moss Side Story by Barry Adamson

Issue #143: Mixtapes

Issue #152: Music For The Texts Of Ismael Reed by Conjure

Issue #167: Al Volo by Stormy Six

Issue #177: After Robots by BLK JKS

Issue #187: Night People by Lee Dorsey

Issue #189: Decade Reflections

E-Mail: jeremyshatan[a]gmail[dot]com

Twitter: @anearful