Kira Grunenberg

Prolific Sonic Scribe & Unifier

New York, NY

January, 2017 – Present


Kira is a music journalist, audiophile, and a lover of spicy food. She’s the founder of a digital publication dedicated to changing the way we view music and the arts. Kira has also contributed to the likes of No Depression, Bandcamp, SoundCTRL, Midem, and many a music start-up blog.

All records should get a fair shot at least once.

Curated Issues:

Issue #49: Dark Hope by Renée Fleming

Issue #62: Ten by Break Of Reality

Issue #76: v2.0 by GoGo Penguin

Issue #85: Cities by Anberlin

Issue #95: Guilty Pleasures

Issue #98: What To Fear by Sean Watkins

Issue #118: After Bach by Brad Mehldau

Issue #134: Animals by TTNG

Issue #143: Mixtapes

Issue #147: The Astorian by Side Saddle

Issue #164: Little Voice by Sara Bareilles

E-Mail: throwthediceandplaynice[a]gmail[dot]com

Twitter: @shadowmelody1